A tribute to our beloved Batty and Tia and all the little souls who enter our lives and leave such special memories.

 2008 tragically saw the loss of both our foundation bitches at 14 years Batty our first black brood bitch -Tookeyes Night Music and five days later at nearly 16 years Tia, our first homebred puppy, the foundation of this kennels-Trenarwyn Legassick Magic Masquerade.

They were great friends and both influenced our home and our breeding, both had fantastic characters and have left a huge emptiness in our home.  They were first and foremost part of our family Batty slept on Mum and Dad's bed, Tia on mine. Batty loved her spot on the settee and Tia loved to go for walks and a drive in the car. They were both very verbal when visitors arrived but soon took their place on the appropiate laps.

Thank you Tia and Batty for being you!

We all miss you..... until we meet again!

Trenarwyn Legassick Magic Masquerade - Tia
Tookeyes Night Music - Batty
Thelbern Cuddly Duddly x Tookeyes Cherry Pie
Tookeyes Black Gold x Tookeyes Red Taffeta
Trenarwyn Wild Design - Pepsi
Tookeyes Black Gold At Trenarwyn - Tito
Ch Casarows The Red Devil x T Legassick Magic Masquerade
Thelbern the Black Magician x Tookeyes Night Music
Trenarwyn Ebony Master - Hamish
Ch Moonrae Ebony Hotshot JW - Oliver
Owned By Carol Smith
Tookeyes Black Gold At Trenarwyn x Trenarwyn Legassick Magic Masquerade
Trenarwyn Ebony Master x Carrosita Sumthin Special
Speranza Silver Dollar At Trenarwyn - Trixie
Bred By Marie Holder Abram
Moonrae Bonnies Pride At Trenarwyn - Kali
Bred by Carol Smith
Paddockwood Right Rebel At Speranza x Speranza Cream Bun
Trenarwyn Ebony Master x Carrosita Sumthin Special
Trenarwyn Pocket Full Of Joy - Tavia
Pixietown Pocket Full of Rye at Janomas x Trenarwyn Tears In Heaven
Tia at 12 weeks
Tia playing with friends
Tia and Trixie
Trenarwyn Hocus Pocus - Ky